Through the careful and considered use of UniBrand’s unique brand creation and development tool Brandology, UniBrand are able to inform, educate and coach their SME target group in the complex issues associated with commercial modern branding.
The term Brandology was coined by Ian Haywood in 1999 and registered as a trade mark in 2001.
The definition of Brandology is intended to be:
‘The art and the science of brands and branding’.
No organisation (or individual) can afford to be without their own unique brand strategy - their own particular and personal story which, when told in an appropriate and distinctive style, will communicate the significant differences that will set them apart, influence their customers and develop long term sticky relationships with the stakeholder groups that are fundamental to happy, sustainable and profitable futures.
If brand reflects the essence of what a business stands for and believes in, then branding is the telling of the story through intelligent business development, thoughtful marketing activity and creative communication strategy.
As a result of over 20 years experience with national blue-chip and international clients, UniBrand excels in these core brand disciplines, and Brandology®, specifically developed for the SME market, is the perfect tool for business leaders, and managers to understand and communicate one of today’s most powerful business assets – brand!