There are two sides to the story of brands and branding . . .
The empirical, quantifiable and tangible attributes that form the specifications, delivery mechanism and resource that is required to create, produce and market an idea.
The emotive, qualitative and intangible attributes that are essential ingredients for the personality, differentiation and appeal that sustain the idea and build long term believable relationships with customers.

Brandology has been built around the simple principle that all brands are a unique balance of art and science, and it is in the balance of these two bodies of learning that every business or organisation can create their own unique story and carve out a space that's right for them.

The thinking within Brandology applies to businesses large and small – multi-nationals to one man bands. In theory, the principles behind the concept can be applied to individuals right through to nation states. Brandology is based on the concept of creating long term relationships. These relationships always have people at their heart and can be with other people, with concepts or ideas, and with products or services.

Branding is essentially the study of human psychology as it relates to the need to belong. Whether that be as a member of the Nike tribe or the CND, the local golfing association or the communist party. Branding is the recognition and understanding of what an organisation believes in, and the appeal and feel-good factor associated with the experience that the brand offers and supports. This can be referred to as a brand promise.

Brands are not created by marketing programmes, advertising campaigns or graphical devices. These are simply three tangible manifestations of the brand. Brands are the embodiment of an idea, a passion and a belief to be shared and collectively appreciated. It is the way in which this idea is shared that differentiates powerful brands from the rest.

Brandology has two mantras. Be PASSIONATE about whatever you do, and be POLISHED in the way you do it. The idea of passion and polish is the basis of the Brandology model.

Designed as a simple graphical device to capture, organise and explain the current body of thinking on the subject of brands and branding, it is a cross between a jigsaw puzzle, a mind map and a journey. Brandology was originally conceived to make sense of all that is currently known, discussed and published. It is a living tool and a methodology to help organisations who have the desire, but lack the time, resource or knowledge to create their own brand development programme.

The subject becomes so vast when you need to consider such diverse disciplines as behavioural sciences, colour theory, business charisma and change management to name but a few of the topics that branding embraces. UniBrand have connected with all these resources to provide a complete integrated service.

Brands do not experience the same sort of competition as they once did. Competition can now come from almost anywhere. A few years ago it was unthinkable that financial institutions would come under pressure from supermarkets, or anyone would purchase a motor vehicle from the internet. But this is what our transparent information technology age has enabled.

Any product or service can now be copied and brought to market in days – not months or years.

The big differentiator for business today is personality or charisma – the idea of something to believe in.

It is called ‘The value economy’ and has almost nothing to do with money. What can a business do to create the intangible asset of value – the holy grail that defines relationships, builds loyalty, shares knowledge, sustains employment and creates wealth.

Arguably, the only tool to do this is brand. It is the glue which can unite the disparate functions of any organisation, and the oil which facilitates efficiency, productivity and cooperation. Brand encapsulates the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of communities, and binds people together with common values and beliefs. Hence the phrase ‘brand religion’.

To be totally effective brands are built from within, not by exterior cosmetic makeovers that change with the current fashion or prevailing trend. A true brand is the totality of the organisation, not simply driven by marketing, by product or by customers. Certainly not customers. When did a customer ever invent anything, or ever give you back research you didn’t expect? Not often!

Business relationships in today’s demanding marketplace must be based upon sustainable values. The transparent nature of all organisations enables customers to clearly see all aspects of a business. Technology has done this for us with the internet, social media and people’s desire to know the truth.

So how can Brandology be of practical help?

Within it’s framework, Brandology illustrates the journey from PASSION to POLISH and provides a series of tools to help plan, build and communicate your unique story. At each stage we examine both the scientific and artistic aspects of the various elements and illustrate how to determine the right balance for you.

The journey starts with an in depth understanding of your specific attributes and assets, then seeks to arrive at a collective agreement for the future. Only then can a realistic brand communication plan be devised and implemented.

If this sound too simple - good. It should be!

Brandology has three key ingredients:

1. Art and science
The aim is to simplify and make sense of the complex issues that surround the subject of brands and branding.

2. Passion and polish
A double headed mantra to maintain focus and keep us on track.

3. Balance
The control lever that ensures we get the right mix of art/science and passion/polish.

Here are the facts:

Brandology is the art and the science of branding, and this discipline includes the elements of 'Passion' – and of 'Polish'.

Brandology is a journey from theory to implementation considering both internal and external stakeholders of an organisation.

Brandology represents a fresh and simple way of looking at branding, and a new way of defining and implementing brand strategy, brand communication and brand management programmes.

Brandology enables us to demonstrate how an understanding of branding can be translated into robust and workable brand communication initiatives, both internally and externally.

Brandology is not a revolutionary ground breaking idea. It has been devised to coach and guide the principles and practical applications of branding – whether this be for organisations who wish to develop their existing brands or individuals who wish to develop their own particular personal brand.

It exists as a process and a series of programmes to educate and inform. The framework has been designed to make branding an easier concept to work with, and provides a workable journey that will de-mystify much of the current hype surrounding the subject.

There are many levels of complexity when considering how the principles of branding can affect an organisation, and there are many levels of expertise available to call on. However, it is important to keep it as simple as possible. Branding is a complex subject, please do not fall into the trap of making it complicated.

Through the unique Brandology programme, we will show you how businesses need to recognise themselves, engage the interest of their audience and communicate their culture, values and intentions to the very group of people that are the key to the organisations success.

Brandology is a process, not just a simple tool. It has been designed as a result of the coaching and development of brand strategies for over 20 years and manifests itself differently with each specific brand communication project.

What remains constant however, is the success of it’s implementation and the basic formula which is illustrated within a simple square diagram.

Organisations that have benefited from the power of Brandology are: Vodafone, Tesco, Adams Childrenswear, Homestyle Group, Freemans, Mothercare, BHS, Levis, Dolcis, Hush Puppies, Dunlop, and many SME’s whose businesses have flourished through the belief and commitment to developing their own particular brands.

Branding should remain at the heart of every corporate business development strategy, and Brandology could be the light at the end of your tunnel.