Are you maximising your brand potential?
If your role is to ensure the continuity of a solid business platform capable of generating robust income streams that will secure the future of the business, the subject of brands and branding must be top of your agenda.
The big differentiator for businesses today is personality (or charisma) –the idea of something to believe in. It’s called ‘The Value Economy’ and has almost nothing to do with money.

What can a business do to create the intangible asset of value - the Holy Grail that defines relationships, builds loyalty, shares knowledge, sustains employment and creates wealth?

Arguably, the only tool to do this is brand. It is the glue that can unite the varied functions of any organisation, and the oil that facilitates efficiency, productivity and cooperation. In short: health, wealth and happiness.

To build a powerful brand and maximise brand potential, we believe there are 12 key components. Each should be tightly referenced to your published overall business objectives – viewed tactically as a short to medium term plan, and strategically as long-term future equity building.

These components are:
1. Clarify direction and purpose – essential starting points to build a powerful brand
2. Identify the key attributes of your business that will form the central idea to your brand
3. Define a distinctive and appropriate brand proposition
4. Arrive at a believable and sustainable customer promise
5. Pinpoint the stories that will bring your brand to life
6. Write a meaningful brief for the design of a powerful brand identity – name and logo
7. Determine whether brand architecture is appropriate
8. Produce a definitive style guide for all future communications
9. Devise a realistic marketing plan based on affordable budgets
10. Create meaningful and appropriate communication tools
11. Future-proof income streams with sensitive customer relationship planning
12. Coach everyone involved to become responsible guardians of your brand

Your customers will not simply buy from advertising or a website, from a brochure or a direct mail campaign alone. They will buy from people – experts with whom they can build a solid relationship, gain confidence from and trust to deliver value and reliability.

You may already have a successful sales and marketing function – but is your story really compelling – is the sales message congruent? Could you be doing better – moving from good – to great?

UniBrand empowers organisations to behave in such a manner, and provides the skills and resource to support all aspects of your sales and marketing function.

Now ask yourself again – are you maximising the potential of your brand?